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Risk-Free Adventure Holiday Planning During COVID-19 Lockdown

Family on a Rafting Adventure Holiday with ACE Adventure in Scotland

Dreaming and Holiday Planning during Lockdown.

With an abundance of recent perfect sunny bright days, it has been a real test of will to stay within the government lockdown guidelines. Incredible water levels from the spring snowmelt and Ospreys riding thermals above the campsite has us all dreaming of getting on with the business of adventure.

Feedback from the Online Travel Agencies like TripAdvisor and Visit Scotland indicate many people are in the planning stages for a break from the confines of their homes.

Hence, it seems we are not alone in a desire to enjoy the outdoors and nature.

With international travel likely to be affected for many months if not years and the real possibility of never going back to the days of mass tourism. The domestic, as in local to UK, holidays and staycations are projected to be the first to recover.

Some say when restrictions are lifted, the new normal could result in a shortfall in accommodation and outdoor activities because of demand, particularly for health and wellbeing experiences.

We have been encouraged and are grateful to see bookings coming in for future dates even though it is not clear when restrictions will be lifted. Some people also paid in full! Totally bonkers you would think, but it got us thinking how can we extend some trust and be flexible with bookings.

In March, ACE launched a new, improved website which allows you to book both accommodation and activities with shopping kart functionality. You can basically plan and book your own adventure holiday package! Top tip: Start with your accommodation.

Like many of you, we are doing what we can to help our customers and the local community navigate this challenging time.

Below we have listed significant changes to our booking terms and conditions to help take the risk out of planning your next adventure during the COVID-19 lockdown.

When the government restrictions are lifted, you’ll want to be ready for that getaway. Whether it’s pitching up your tent to relax around a campfire to drink hot chocolate and toast marshmallows or book yourself onto one of our adventure activities like white water rafting.

There is an excellent post COVID-19 lockdown holiday waiting for you at ACE Adventures & Hideaways.

Plan your next adventure

Full indefinite credit;

  • If you can’t make a date because of government restrictions
  • If a member of your party needs to be in isolation
  • If ACE has had to temporarily close due to staff isolation

Providing more flexibility

Postpone a booking to a later date. No questions asked. Doing so will incur no fees, no price changes and we will honour any discounts already applied. If you’re happy to keep an existing booking as it is, for now, you don’t have to do anything. If anything changes that affect your booking we’ll be in touch to remind you of your options.

Indefinite extended credit on existing reservations

Bookings that have been partly or wholly paid that fall on dates where either party is under government travel restriction due to COVID-19 receive an indefinite credit. Honoured at the original price at the time of booking or formal enquiry lodged in our booking system.

Actions we’re taking

We are all looking forward to happier times ahead and getting back to doing what we love most – enjoying the great outdoors.

What the new normal will look like is unclear, but one thing is for sure. Your safety is paramount.

ACE is working on new protocols to manage the risk of viral transmission. Actions such as;

  • Changing operations to allow for social distancing
  • Activity bookings by household or separate groups
  • Issuing of PPE such as face masks when relevant
  • Wash stations at all key handling points

With many years providing some of Scotland’s most adventurous adventure activities, ACE is well-positioned to adapt and manage the risk the Coronavirus presents. Our standard operating procedures and risk assessments are industry-leading.

We would like to thank you, our valued customers for your continued support of ACE Adventures & Hideaways.

Particular thanks to those that have purchased gift vouchers in recent weeks. These go a long way to making sure we can keep some of the guide team fed and housed who unfortunately slipped through the timely government support which without ACE may have been forced to close its doors.

Looking forward to seeing you on your next ACE adventure!