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Canyoning & Gorge Walking in Scotland

Our canyoning guides are all UK Canyon Guide trained and qualified.

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What Is Canyoning?

Canyoning is the more adventurous form of gorge walking, usually having steeper, deeper terrain with longer drops into pools. Also known in the USA as canyoneering.

Proper canyoning usually requires rope work to access and navigate the canyon.

The ACE Canyoning experience takes place at our exclusive location at the Allt Aireimh which translates as Old Man in Gaelic. The main feature is a 45-foot corkscrew waterfall that you can be lowered down or if you have a head for heights can abseil.

Canyoning in Moray, Scotland Near Inverness & Aviemore

After the waterfall there are short jumps into pools, slide plunges, caving under ancient trees that have blocked the canyon, scrambling, climbing and swimming through narrow channels.

The canyon features several waterfalls before coming out suddenly onto the River Findhorn.

Travel time from Aviemore to ACE is a short and scenic 40-minute drive over the Dava Moor and from Inverness via Cawdor Castle about 50 minutes.

Our canyoning guides are all UK Canyon Guide trained and qualified, hold valid wilderness or outdoor first aid certificates as well as swift water rescue trained. You are in safe hands when you go canyoning with ACE, we take safety as first priority followed by very close customer service and fun.

Canyoning Near Aberfeldy & Loch Tay in Perthshire

Near Kenmore in Perthshire, just west of Aberfeldy and within sight of Loch Tay ACE offer a canyoning trip on the Allt a’Bhealaich.

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