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Disc Golf

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Frisbee Golf Course in Scotland

Disc Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and for good reason. It comes with a warning……. “Highly Addictive.”

There are three nine hold disc golf courses at ACE that are ideal for beginners going through to the outback nine that will test the best pro disc golfer.

ACE have a pro disc golf shop on site where you can purchase quality disc golf discs.

Also known as Frolf and Frisbee Golf. Basically Disc Golf involves throwing a flying disc with a level of accuracy from a tee toward a pole with chains that catch the discs and drops them in a basket.

Just like traditional ball golf there is more or less the same terminology such as eagles, birdies, par, bogies etc which are scores above or below par (the average number of throws required for the hole or course). Lowest score wins. What we love at ACE is the term for a “hole in one” which in disc golf is called an “Ace!”

That is about where the similarity stops because disc golf is easy to learn and a lot more fun than ball golf, particularly as you play through woodland at ACE with natural fairways down corridors of trees where you need to get your disc to curve around objects.

  • Pro disc shop
  • Low-cost activity
  • Fabulous scenery
  • Great for first-timers
  • Challenging course
  • Reception and snacks kiosk onsite
  • Three 9-hole courses to suit any ability

Moray’s first and best disc golf course.

ACE has three nine-hole courses set amongst Larch Pine forest that cater to beginners and advanced players.

Disc golf is simply golf with a frisbee with the same rules as traditional ball golf. Players count the number of throws at each hole until the disc lands in a basket suspended by a pole with chains that catch the disc.

It’s one of the fastest growing sports in the world, fast to learn and a lot of fun!

We have a nine-hole red course suited for beginners, a longer and harder nin-hole white course suited for intermediate players and a very long and difficult nine-hole blue course.