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International Women’s Day 8th March 2020

international womens day at ace adventures

International Women’s Day celebrates and acknowledges the achievements of women globally on March 8th each year. An equal world is an enabled world. Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts … “Sometimes it takes balls to be a woman.”

On this day, folks celebrate “womanhood;” pay tribute to the inspiring role of women in our lives. An event which started with a political flavour back in 1908 has evolved over the years and is now a celebration of women’s struggle and fight for independence and liberalisation.

It is all about encouraging people to actively choose to “challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements.” What better way to celebrate with mums, daughters and girlfriends than spending the day with ACE adventure’s doing a white water rafting and cliff jumping trip on the river Findhorn.

Sorry boys, it’s girls only, maybe you can stay home and do the housework!

The variation of breath-taking natural landscape makes it unique within the UK. This adventure flows through: native Scottish woodland, traditional highland farmland, local game estates, dramatic towering gorges and ancient red-sandstone cliffs.

An abundance of local flora and fauna is maintained by conservation charities and local land owners. Whilst on this adventure people have been lucky to spot: red and roe deer, ospreys, other birds of prey, salmon, otter, red squirrels, grouse, pine marten, extensive bird life, voles, stoats and more.

a group of people sitting posing for the camera

The day involves;

Upon arrival you will be welcomed by a member of the ACE team who will sign you in at reception and explain the coming events of the day.

Quality warm wet suits and protective equipment will be issued which can be changed into in heated change rooms.

The section that you will raft will depend on the water level and conditions on the day. You can be safe in the knowledge you’re getting the best experience available given the conditions.

After boarding a bus it’s a short journey to the starting point or “put in” where you will be given a safety brief by one of our highly trained and experienced guides .

You get to practice on the water before starting out on some minor rapids. In most cases the adventure will soon pick up pace as you navigate through “Randolph’s Leap” into the spectacular Lower Findhorn Gorge.

At this point you will be tackling many rapids, waterfalls and white water features separated by calm sections of water that will allow you take a rest and enjoy the scenery.

A short break in the middle of the adventure will allow you to grab a snack and take part in a cliff jumping session –with jumps up to 30 feet.

Any of the larger rapids can be easily walked for those that would like to come along on a trip but are concerned about running the rapids which enables everyone the opportunity to experience the stunning lower Findhorn gorge.

If you can’t rustle up the courage for our ACE IWD event, you can still join in by wearing purple on the day. The color purple has become an international symbol for women since the origin of purple, green, and white as a symbol of women’s equality.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

“Strong back. Soft front. Wild heart. Just be you.” –Brene Brown

“A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. A woman must do what he can’t.” –Rhonda Hansome

So the men folk don’t feel left out, International Men’s Day is the 19th of November!