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How to ACE Being a Best Man…

a person in a river in scotland

Right then, let’s start with the fun part, the stag do! As best man it is your job to rally all the troops together for a stag party to remember. You do have a few options to consider though; are you just doing a day or a whole weekend?

Perhaps your hardest decision will be arranging what to do on the stag do. Is it just going to be a piss-up? Or are you looking for something a little more cultured with activities thrown into the mix? That’s where ACE comes in handy and can help you plan something that is for everyone, even the in (out) laws!

Boys Will Be Boys…

When it comes to stag do’s, we all know that for most of you boys, the stag party revolves around booze (lots of it), strippers and lap dances! Why not give yourself a different reason to get that adrenaline rush? Come and test your action hero skills with us! Here are a few of our must try activities that you won’t get enough of, ever!

Satisfy the Adrenaline Junkie in You…

Trigger-happy? Get your Rambo face on and try to not be taken out by one bad mutha!

Undoubtedly one of the all time stag do classics, paintballing is as much fun as it sounds. Camo up and roll around the woods for a session of military fun. Play strategic games like attack and defend and of course – Hunt the Stag (paintball style). Just remember to fire from a safe distance, and no shots below the belt if you do want him to be able to perform on his wedding night! You’ll get plenty of ammo to waste the boys with so man up and remember: never leave a stag behind.

For a stag do that covers all the bases, paintballing is a no brainer. Safety briefing and instruction given from the game marshall and all equipment hire included in the entry fee.

Get out there and create some carnage boys!

Feel the need to get wet ‘n’ wild boys?

Hang on tight boys! Dig your paddle in and scream like a girl!

It doesn’t get any wetter or wilder than this, boys! You’ll bounce, spin and flip as you descend your way through the many churning rapids. It’s also likely to get you howling in fear, laughing with relief and certainly squealing like a little girl! Just make sure you are properly seated before you hit the big ones! During your white water rafting descent down the river, there will be a chance to stop off and do some cliff jumping before battling on with the rest of the rapids. Teamwork is key to successfully navigating the grade 4/5 rapids on the river Findhorn. Don’t worry, you’re not going down the river alone, there will be a qualified guide in every raft.

We will kit you out with a helmet, buoyancy aid and wetsuit to keep you warm. You’ll be given a safety briefing and instruction talk before you hit the water!

What are you waiting for? Tick off that stag bucket list – white water rafting is one of those “just do it” activities you’ll be talking about for years!

Do you have the balls of a true explorer – adventurer?

Full-on Indiana Jones style, from start to finish! Canyoning is a must for adventure seeking outdoorsmen, you’ll have the stag do experience of a true explorer! ACE will show you sights you can’t get to any other way. Clad in hard hat and wetsuit, you’ll head for the river abseiling down a waterfall, scrambling through gorges and jumping into rock pools then finally bouldering your way up the impressive valley. Fear not, our guides know every inch of the canyon and have done this many times. You’ll certainly be ready for that stag do dinner at night!

a group of people riding on top of a snow covered slope

Stag Do Rules…

What happens in Moray stays in Moray!

Want to keep your stag do all in one location? Park your cars and relax in our woodland setting. Our 6 metre bell tents are the ultimate in glamping. Inside these genius tents, you’ll find a log burning stove and comfy mats.

Chill by the campfire with a bevvy of beers, then you are ready to celebrate in style with some serious man-food as the fire pit doubles up as a BBQ, so you can celebrate in style with burgers and sausages. Our covered camp kitchen area is a great alternative for cooking if the Scottish weather is up to it’s tricks. Food packs are available for the whole weekend and even casks of local craft beer at an extra cost. We can even take you on a wee whisky tasting excursion just a mile or so from the ACE base.

But, don’t despair, there are 3 excellent pubs serving really good grub all within a 15 minute drive.

Our site has toilets & hot showers so it’s easy to warm up after a wet ‘n’ wild session on the river Findhorn!

So what are you waiting for boys!