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Yearning for Adventure – CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE

2018 ACE Adventures & Hideaways Crew lined up outside the main reception building

Open for Business: Accommodation and Activities


Latest Covid-19 Update
Our responsibility to you
Your responsibility to ACE
Corona Virus COVID-19 Information


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Latest Covid-19 Update:

Scotland moves beyond the protection levels system from 9th August 2021

  • Face coverings are still required for indoors and transportation to & from the river

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Our responsibility to you

Measures have been taken to inform and educate ACE staff with;

  • Cleaning and hygiene protocols with maximum numbers in shared areas like toilets which will have surface wipe down equipment for staff and guests
  • Social distance and avoid close contact and wear a face-covering when indoors & on ACE transportation
  • Indefinite credit in the event our premises is closed due to government regulation or staff infection beyond our control measures
  • In the event any staff member contracts or we suspect have been exposed to COVID-19; ACE will be closed for a minimum of 7 days and all other staff potentially exposed will self isolate for 7 days. Any staff that then go on to show signs and symptoms during isolation will be required to reset the 7 days
  • ACE will not accept attendance for any bookings from people who have been exposed to or show any COVID-19 signs and symptoms of; fever, sore throat, coughing, cold or flu-like symptoms, or a change in taste and smell
  • Guests will be required to register prior to arrival

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Your responsibility to ACE

Guests will be required to complete additional questions on our participation and guest registration forms including;

  • Each person’s full residential address and contact details including email and mobile phone for the purposes of track and tracing in the event we are requested by the authorities
  • Where they have travelled in the last 7 days
  • If they have any fever, sore throat, coughing, cold or flu-like symptoms, or a change in taste and smell in the previous 7 days
  • If they have been in close contact with anyone showing signs of fever, sore throat, coughing, cold or flu-like symptoms, or a change in taste and smell in the last 7 days
  • Keep your distance from people not in your group and wear face protection when inside shared spaces
  • Practice good hygiene and make use of the provided wash stations, hand sanitisers and use surface wipe down equipment after using our toilet/shower facilities
  • Use the appropriate disposal areas properly

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Corona Virus COVID-19 Information

Updated detailed extensive information on Corona Virus and what you need to do can be found at

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