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Paintball in Scotland: ACE Adventures

a group of people in paintball uniform

For the ultimate paintball experience in Scotland, look no further than ACE Adventures! Tailored to player experience and with plenty of natural cover, this truly is a unique paintball experience to remember.

Paintball At ACE

Like everything we do at ACE, we look to provide exceptional value on every experience. We do this by putting our own unique spin on exciting outdoor adventure activities.

In regard to paintball, we are quite different to most paintball centres in a number of ways. By thinking outside the box we drill down to what paintball is and why people play it, then match that against the type of customers we have at ACE. We run short, sharp paintball games to keep players moving and shots being fired.

Our research shows first time to intermediate paintball players are looking for the adrenaline rush of engaging in simulated war scenarios. There is an element of reality to paintball, because getting hit can leave a small bruise! Most people just want to get stuck in and play paintball and because of that we keep it simple with the focus on players being able to move, have plenty to shoot at and not get pinned down.

Paintballing with ACE is an ideal team building activity; who in the office has the best shot? Or perhaps it’s time to find out who REALLY rules the roost at home! Paintball is available through our Gift Vouchers! So get planning that day out today!

The main differences we offer when playing paintball at ACE are:

  • Low cost of entry
  • Low cost of paintballs
  • Excellent safety record
  • Sheltered game zone from wind and light rain
  • Paintball game zone designed for fast, interactive play
  • Dynamic game structure based on player type and ability
  • Well maintained markers (guns) that run on air not CO2
  • Coveralls are always provided clean with masks that have defogged visors

a group of people standing in a military uniform

Previous ACE paintball customers have come from schools, military adventure training, overseas and domestic tourists, stag & hen parties, families, birthday parties and celebrations of all kinds. Because of this there are often people in the group who have never been paintballing before, and we accommodate for this. Group sizes are kept small and marshalls are available to coach players where required.

The Paintball Arena

The ACE paintball site is specifically designed to keep games flowing – there are no elaborate structures to hide inside. A paintball team that communicates well can always outflank the opponent and turn the tide on a game, which makes for an exciting day’s play.

Plenty of cover in the woodland setting from the large pine trees, combined with a sculpted landscape (not just a flat field) with walls of tyres and stacked logs, provides plenty of protection as you advance or retreat during play.

Many paintball centres have numerous themed game zones, and while this can have an appeal for players that regularly play at the same site (and a bit of a visual wow factor), we have found that structures slow games down and create disjointed play. It takes a few games of paintball to get familiar with the layout of a game zone, so by staying in one paintball game zone and repeating a select number of paintball games, players quickly adapt and get the most out of the time.

a pile of wood in a forest

Respawn Paintball Games

When player numbers are low we have respawning paintball games which keeps players playing and not standing watching because they got hit by a paintball early on in the game. ACE have a process of game play that still enables one side to win even when spawning occurs. The design and size of the game zone is critical to prevent games from getting pinned down or going to stalemate.

The equipment is well maintained and cleaned properly, meaning your marker can fire at a rapid rate when required.

Paintball Pricing

ACE have very reasonable and simple pricing structures for paintballs. We don’t offer packages with a set number of shots or game sets which are often designed to have players run out then buy paint during play in expensive small amounts. To play paintball at ACE, we charge a flat rate (£15 for Adults and £11 for Under 18’s) with affordable paintball pricing thereafter. Buy 100 paintballs for £5, a bag of 500 for £20 or a box of 2,000 (minimum of two boxes per session) for £70. Players can purchase paintballs upfront or during play and have as many games as they like.

a person holding a gun

A typical paintball session runs for two hours with players shooting on average around 800 paintballs each. Short games and breaks in between allow time to catch your breath, clean your mask and organise your ammo.

Paintball at ACE can be joined all year round, so what are you waiting for? Book your Woodland Paintball adventure with ACE today! Please do get in touch if you have any questions about this activity, we’d be more than happy to help.