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White Water Rafting in Scotland

scotland white water rafting

Why Scotland Is the Best Place to Go White Water Rafting in the UK

With its stunning scenery, abundance of trained guides and vast array of difficulty options available, we really do believe Scotland is the perfect place to go White Water Rafting in the UK! Here’s why…

Depending on which article you read (and who’s writing it!) you’ll read arguments for specific parts of the UK being the best for white water rafting. The UK is actually one of the best places in the World for white water rafting, so the competition is quite high, and the level of professionalism across the UK is huge. However, we think Scotland leads the charge and we’d like to give you a few reasons why Scotland is the best place to go white water rafting in the UK!

Scottish Scenery

We know that beauty is subjective, but we also know that Scotland is widely regarded as the most naturally beautiful region of the UK. England, Wales, and Northern Ireland all have some incredibly beautiful places, but Scotland is consistently ranked first in the World for its natural beauty — even above Iceland, Norway, Croatia, Ireland, and New Zealand!

a waterfall surrounded by snow covered trees in a forest

One of the best things about white water rafting in Scotland is the sheer range of difficulty options. There are many rivers all across Scotland, all with different difficulty grades for rafters. Ace Adventures is based on the river Findhorn, which is one of the longest rivers in Scotland, and there are so many different sections of the river that lend themselves to different skill levels. If you’re a battle-hardened veteran, we have a few extremely challenging routes for you on our White Water Rafting and Cliff Jumping package (up to grade 5 rapids!). If you’re a beginner or part of a family group, then you can opt for our Family White Water Rafting package, which has up to grade 3 rapids.

We think the river Findhorn is the best for white water rafting, but enthusiasts are spoilt for choice in Scotland, as they can also raft on sections of the river Tummel, the river Tay, the river Garry, the river Orchy… the list goes on and on! The sheer number of options — never mind the quality of the routes — sets Scotland apart from other white water rafting locations around the UK!

Perfect for Anyone Who Wants to Turn White Water Rafting into a Hobby

If you’re just looking for a one-off experience, then it might as well be in Scotland, but Scotland really comes into its own for true hobbyists who are always looking for a new rafting challenge. The variety of rivers — and different difficulty grades — makes Scotland an excellent base for any outdoors enthusiast who wants to take their white water rafting skills to the next level. With so many rivers and routes available, you’ll likely never run out of new challenges!

That’s all we have time for in this blog post. We hope we’ve convinced a few readers that Scotland is the best place for white water rafting in the UK. If you are convinced, you may like to check out our Scottish White Water Rafting section. If you have any questions about our white water rafting packages or any of our outdoor activities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Plan your next big adventure with Ace Adventures!