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A wee biker road trip……

Will Motorcycle Adventures Ever Rule the World?

a motorcycle is parked on the side of a mountain roadGo on, get on yer bike!

A biker road trip is a chance to get away and let the wind breeze through you – it’s certainly a more intimate and thrilling experience compared to travelling by car.

A motorcycle road trip is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your freedom alone, or with a group of fellow bikers!.

Choose the road less travelled and the self-sufficiency of camping or glamping, add to that the simplicity of packing up your bike – all of a sudden, the journey becomes the ultimate in adventures!

Is this what bike life is all about?

After travelling along some of the most scenic roads in Scotland, you arrive at ACE Hideaways. You pitch your tent and, you settle down to make yourself a brew and strike up the fire pit for your evening BBQ dinner delight – all the while, breathing in the day and night air – there’s no better feeling than that!

Got the biker bug? Then go a little further and explore the iconic NC500 – 516-mile route around the north coast of Scotland – the gateway to Scotlands famous biker route.

There is so much to see and what better way to do it than on your prized possession – yer bike!

ACE is only a 45-minute ride away to start your epic  NC500 trip!

At ACE Hideaways, set within secluded birch woodland, campers can reconnect with the outdoors. Spend time with your biker friends or time alone, then relax and enjoy the crackling fire.

If you want a glamping experience, our whopping big bell tents will do the trick. Each one sleeps up to 7 people, and we even supply you with a comfy sleeping mat. That means fewer essentials to bring and the knowledge that you don’t need to lug around a tent etc. if you are short on space – Remember your sleeping bag

a tent in a field


You might even want to go private and stay in one of our cute shepherd’s huts. Each one sleeps two people and is positioned with both visual and noise privacy affording a truly wild secluded experience. All bedding/towels and cooking utensils are already in the hut, so this might be the better option if you want to travel light. Stable doors allow the outside in so you can enjoy the quiet sounds of resident wildlife or watch the changing light in the forest fading to a brilliant dark sky of glittering stars.

We have a communal kitchen for everyone to share with hot water, two-ring gas cooker and an odd assortment of kitchen wares. There are even two rustic outdoor showers, if you want to get back to nature. There is also a purpose-built toilet & shower block just a short walk away.

Because we are far enough away from any local town’s light pollution, stargazing is excellent. Even catch a mesmerizing glimpse of the Northern Lights as the campsite overlooks the Moray Firth.

a tree in front of a housea sign in front of a house

a tent in a forest








What to take along?

Women’s logic for this one!

One useful exercise in knowing how much to take is to gather everything you think you’ll need and lay it out on the kitchen floor. Then divide that into thirds. Take away two thirds and look at the remaining third and that’s about as much as you’ll need!
Get yourself a 40 or 60-litre dry bag, that will easily strap onto the back of the bike. Hey presto, you are all set to go!

Ok, so not entirely true, but you get the gist! In all seriousness though, there’s the adage that says “you don’t need to pack the kitchen sink”. You can’t plan for every single scenario, so don’t try.!

a row of parked motorcycles sitting on the side of a road

Adventures on your motorcycle are memorable.

The memories of sitting beside a campfire beneath the stars is exhilarating.

Your ACE glamping trip is waiting for you beyond the horizon.

Go wherever your heart desires, have fun, and most of all, ride safe.


Don’t forget your waterproofs!

a sunset over a body of water