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International Mens Day 19th November




“Better Health for Men and Boys”


International Men’s Day is an international annual event celebrated on the 19th November every year. Besides us celebrating women on International Women’s Day on the 8th March, International Men’s Day should be seen as a motivation, for the men to teach the boys the values of being a man. Addressing issues such as parenting, positive male role models, families and healthy life choices for men is very important. Please take a look at our ACE adventure activity ideas to kickstart some fun and action in November!

It’s Time to Thank the Men Folks for All the Love and Support!

Since March 2020, the world has seen a dramatic change in everyone’s lives due to COVID-19. Countries are in lockdown; pubs, shops and restaurants are closed, sporting and mass events cancelled, making us stay at home more than ever before.

November is a particular time to make mention of the brave men and women, who are protecting our communities. Special thanks to the workers from Police, Fire, Ambulance and Hospital Departments. But, it’s not just our NHS who are working tirelessly. Other key workers who are continuing to help provide essential services during these unprecedented times like supermarket workers and lorry drivers keeping shelves stocked with food, to council workers emptying our bins, and from teachers and postmen to public transport workers. We are in this together!

The day can also be used as a platform to raise awareness of the challenges that men face in life – particularly in relation to the male suicide rate. Statistical data show that men are more at risk of having a depressive disorder. Why, you ask? Men will be less likely to seek help! Here, is maybe why, with the changing role of women in our society who have become less dependent on their male partners. The decline of male-dominated jobs leading to a loss of identity as well as income, and relationship breakdowns, added with the stigma and fear of having low mood swings, might hinder the need of men to seek any help for their symptoms!

It’s essential to recognise that our mental health, just like our physical health, varies from time to time. It is usual for our moods and feelings to differ from day to day, depending on what is happening around us. Life events and experiences impact people in different ways. What one person can find upsetting or difficult another may not.

Celebrate International Men’s Day at an individual and family level. Spend a memorable time with the men in your life to show appreciation of how they enrich the lives of those around them.
Spend time outdoors – some boys naturally gravitate toward the great outdoors, while others need that little nudge. Get out on yer bikes, go for a hike or take him on a weekend camping trip – yes, it is November! But, if you rug up enough, you will not feel the cold and a campfire is a sure way to keep you warm. Make sure to take the time to stop and look at the local historic sites. If you are up for adventure, then book yourself onto a white water rafting trip this November. Show him that there is more to this world than just what he sees on his electronic screen.

It is only when, both men and women, lead by example, that we will create a fair and safe society which allows everyone the opportunity to prosper.


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“We must become the change we seek” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Happy International Men’s Day!


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