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River Guide Training

Quick Details

IRF - Raft Guide Assessment (1 Day) 16+ years old
IRF - Trip Leader Assessment (2 Days) 16+ years old
IRF - Instructor Training Workshop (6 Days) 16+ years old
IRF - Basic Raft Guide Training (6 Days) 16+ years old

IRF Guide Training & Instructor Workshop

  • International qualification
  • Cross learning opportunity
  • Open exchange is encouraged
  • Broad range of experience and ability
  • Exceptional feedback from previous courses

The International Rafting Federation Guide Training and Award System is the most widely recognised white water raft guide qualification in the world.

This workshop offers an excellent learning experience for people wanting to learn the basics of raft guiding through to the most experienced guides, trip leaders and instructors.

The workshop is delivered under a dynamic process of IRF Instructors in training facilitating assessments for raft guides and trip leaders while providing basic guide training for trainee guides. The whole process is supervised by an IRF Assessor.

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