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Tubing Scotland Experience on the River Findhorn

a person tubing on the river findhorn

There’s more to tubing with ACE Adventures than floating serenely down the River Findhorn. Test your nerve with some cliff jumping at the infamous Randolph’s Leap, whizz down rapids and sail over waterfalls and natural weirs on one of Scotland’s most scenic stretches of river.

What is Tubing?

Picture sitting in a large, inflatable ring and floating down a river: that’s tubing in a nutshell. River tubing is popular all over the world, from Vang Vieng in Laos to the Guadalupe River in the USA; many alpine locations even offer snow tubing. ACE Adventures runs a unique, half-day tubing Scotland experience on the historic River Findhorn, combined with some thrilling cliff jumps.

Cliff Jumping at Randolph’s Leap

Your ACE white water tubing trip begins on stretch of the River Findhorn known as Randolph’s Leap. Despite the name, it was actually Alexander Cummings and his men who made the daring leap across its banks while fleeing from Thomas Randolph, the 14th century Earl of Moray. Although the men hid in a cave nearby, they were eventually caught and killed, their jump across the chasm later renamed ‘Randolph’s Leap’.

Today, instead of jumping over the river, you’ll be cliff jumping into it. Start with a small plunge into the peat-coloured water, then test your courage by working up to the highest jump of 24 feet to really get your adrenaline pumping. You’ll be accompanied by experienced guides who can cater the experience to all ages, there are even small jumps suitable for children as young as seven.

Why is the River Findhorn perfect for tubing?

As one of the longest and most beautiful rivers in Scotland, the Findhorn is perfect for tubing. This wild river isn’t dam controlled so it can have a powerful flow, boasting up to grade five rapids. Tubing on the Findhorn is ideal in the summer when water levels are lower, but trips run on various sections of the river between April and October.

The Findhorn flows through a dramatic gorge of steep gneiss and granite rocks, its banks covered in an ancient forest filled with beech, fir and Caledonian pine trees. Cling onto your tube as you traverse down rapids, speeding over bumps and natural water chutes. Along the way, you’ll pass by one of Britain’s tallest trees and have an opportunity to bask in the stunning surroundings.

As the trip continues, you’ll negotiate a 1.5 metre waterfall and reach a natural weir, where you can jump out of your tube and slide into a natural washing machine. There’s even a chance to experience what it’s like to go behind a waterfall. Finally, join in a long chain with your fellow tubers and glide down a long rapid to the confluence of the River Divie.

Who will enjoy tubing?

If you enjoy a dose of water, adventure and the outdoors, then you’ll love tubing. The ACE tube experience is suitable for families with children aged seven and over, as well as couples, solo travellers and groups of friends. Non-swimmers are welcome and you don’t need any previous tubing experience, just a sense of adventure.

The river tubing Scotland trip runs from April to October and lasts for around three hours, costing from £44 per person. All equipment is included and you’ll be accompanied by our qualified, experienced guides who can adapt the experience to suit all ages and ability levels.

What gear do you need for river tubing UK?

There are heated changing rooms at the ACE Adventures base, where you’ll be given the following:

  • Wetsuit
  • Life jacket
  • Helmet
  • Optional wetsuit booties (at an additional cost of £2)

We’ll also provide the necessary river tubing equipment and provide transport to and from the river. You just need to bring:

  • Towel
  • Swim wear
  • Old footwear suitable for walking on uneven ground and getting wet.

Find out more about the ACE Adventures tubing and cliff jumping trips here and how to book your adventure.