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November 2018 to May 2019 Adventure Holiday Prize Winners

Every Month ACE Members are in the draw for an amazing adventure holiday for four people worth £680.00.

Some of you might have been thinking “hang on, I signed up for this awesome monthly adventure holiday prize draw and not seen a peep out of ACE.”

Huge apologies from us for going of the radar for six months! We won’t make excuses but can assure its not because we were off on an extended holiday.

ACE Membership

Thankfully no one has rescinded their ACE membership.

A reminder of the benefits of the complimentary membership;

  • Auto entry into the monthly Adventure Holiday Prize Draw
  • Permanent 10% Discount Code when you book online for all activities, accommodation and motorhome rental while an active member
  • Additional access to prizes, exclusive information and offers

All that is required to remain a member is stay on the membership mailing list. To find out full details on membership and to sign up go to the ACE Membership page.

Seven Adventure Holiday Prize Winners

Staying true to our word we have a raft (excuse the pun) of winners to announce. All of who can enjoy the opportunity to join us here at ACE Auchnagairn in Moray with three of the best mates or family for;

That’s 28 happy people and nearly £5,000.00 pounds worth of some of the best adventure activity and accommodation experiences available in the UK.

November 2018

Congratulations goes to David Simmons who joined us back in April 2018 to tackle the mighty River Findhorn white water rafting with guides Andrew Lamb and Tom Buckman.

December 2018

Well done Kirsten Main for being a well deserved winner and greatly appreciated repeat customer having been with us twice before on school trips. The first time in 2017 playing disc golf and then the second time last year doing the family rafting trip with guide Matt Starrett.

January 2019

Another double bill. Congratulations to Kathleen West-Graham who is the lucky adventure break prize winner for January. Kathleen’s first experience at ACE was way back in 2013 on the family rafting trip. Last year in August an adventurous afternoon of River Tubing and Cliff Jumping was enjoyed with guides Tom Buckley and Andrew Lamb.

February 2019

Sarah Craig scooped up the two nights accommodation and full day of white water rafting and cliff jumping plus another mystery adventure activity for February after signing up from an email invitation. We look forward to meeting you at ACE Sarah!

March 2019

Congratulations go to Conal McEwan who joined us for the only full day rafting trip in Scotland on the 26th May 2019. Guides James Kernahan, Matt Starret, Jim Davis and Paul McClusky took the group which included the under 17 Selkirk Rugby Club.

April 2019

Well done to Lindsay Wheeler for picking up an ACE flyer and signing up for membership. The team at ACE are looking forward to facilitating your adventure holiday break for four people.

May 2019

Final congratulations go to John Cameron who came to ACE for paintballing in April this year with a small group that battled it out on the woodland paintball field at ACE.

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