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New Staff Member: Jordie from Australia!

a man standing in front of a mountain

So quite a bit has happened here at ACE. First, we got Paolo from Zimbabwe over for a month. Now Jordie from Australia arrived and here is a short introduction to our newest team member!

Jordie came over from Tasmania and will be staying with us for the rest of the season. He’s super pumped to take you rafting, kayaking and canoeing on the river Findhorn!

So, who is Jordie and how come he’s travelled all around the world to work at ACE?

Jordie was born in Moe, Victoria, Australia and just always loved to be outside. So naturally when he went to university, he got his diploma in outdoor education. That alone for me was a huge mind-blow, I mean getting to go rafting and hiking and bushwalking during your studies? Who wouldn’t like that? In fact, I’ll start a petition to introduce this study programme in Germany as well!

Anyway, let’s focus on Jordie again: once he finished university, he taught outdoor education to 9, 10 and 11th graders. Eventually he ditched that and got a job at a sheep farm. He did that for 2 years before kind of switching to being a bushwalking guide in Alice Springs during the winter and being a raft guide on the beautiful river Franklin in Tasmania during summer. While working in Tasmania he guided some tours, such as 11 day trips along the river which is pretty impressive. You pack your essentials like camping supplies, food and water and hop onto the river in your rafts. You’ll spend your days on the river around the beautiful landscape and during the night, you’ll make camp just somewhere along the river bank. It’s a really cool “back to the roots” kind of trip and I love the idea of being surrounded by nature and great people to just really unwind and enjoy yourself.

After living his life like that for 6 years, Jordie went to Norway just last year to work a season over there. You know how people always say it’s a small world? Well, they’re not wrong. During his time in Norway he met Magnus, who’s also been working with ACE this year. Quite the coincidence, don’t you think?

Another cool thing Jordie told me is that he just recently bought 100 acres of land back home in Tasmania and built a house. I was pretty impressed when I heard he built it all by himself with just a little help from his friends.

So, can this guy get any cooler? He sure can! How? He lived in a teepee for 1 ½ years!

If all that’s not cool, then I don’t know what would be.

So if you’re planning your next adventure with ACE this year, the odds are pretty high that Jordie will be one of your guides and you might have the chance to ask him a bit more about himself and all the adventures and experiences he gathered! Check out availability here!