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Logie Timber Festival & Extreme Duck Race

extreme duck race on river findhorn

The weekend wasn’t too kind to us weather-wise but that didn’t stop us and hundreds of people enjoying the wood and art work at Logie Steading. At the weekend of all things wood, we got to see remarkable handiwork and interesting demonstrations on what you can do out of a simple piece of wood. Of course all that was accompanied with great local food and drinks as well as fun family activities like face painting or marshmallow toasting which was a great hit!

Throughout the weekend, people also got the chance to vote for their favourite super duck for the Extreme Duck Race on the River Findhorn which was held on Sunday, 5th 2019!

The Findhorn, Nairn & Lossie Fisheries Trust raised over £3000 with the help of all Super Duck Sponsors as well as the purchases of the small ducks, to support the conservation of native freshwater fish and their natural habitat. Of course ACE Adventures also sponsored a colourful decorated Super Duck!

a close up of a helmet

The 1st place of best decorated duck went to Macbeth’s the butcher with their colourful decorated highland cow duck. Now, decoration is one thing but will it help with the race? On Sunday at 3:30pm all ducks, big and small, were ceremoniously dumped into the River by Jim & Bob and made their way through rapids to the finish line where Jim, James and Paolo were waiting with our raft and kayak to catch ‘em all!

Still, they couldn’t get them all so we needed to have back-up: Siana and Andrew where waiting further down the river to get all the stray ducks out of the water.

But wait…who won the race now? – drum roll – it wasn’t us (shame!) but AES Solar! Apparently there wasn’t any solar power involved to help making the duck faster but really, we don’t buy it. Otherwise our duck CLEARLY would’ve won the race! 😉

Jokes apart, congrats to AES Solar who won the 1st prize which is a day of rafting for 10 people with us on the River Findhorn! To find out which small ducks won, check out the FNLFT website.

I think I can speak for all involved that the weekend has been a great success and a lot of fun!