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Coming Up: Easter Holidays Fun

a group rafting on the river findhorn

The Easter holidays are perfect for a family get together! Why not do something fun?

Family White Water Rafting

We offer a fantastic family experience: our half day family white water rafting tour – get your adventure kick on the spectacular River Findhorn!

Once you’ve arrived at ACE base and signed in, we’ll give you a little heads up on what that day has to offer. We’ll get you changed into the wetsuits and you can lock up your valuables at ACE base. When you’re ready to go, we’ll drive you to the starting point and after a brief safety instruction by our guide you get on the water where you can get familiarized with the boat. Once that’s done, let the fun begin! You’ll be passing some exciting rapids while also being able to take a breather on some sections of calmer water. Also, don’t worry – our trained guides will always be there to make sure you’re safe.

After an exciting time on the river, we’ll pick you up again and drive you back to base where you can get changed in our heated changing rooms.

Now, how does that sound for a fun family holiday adventure?

a young child riding on a raft

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To become a member just fill out our membership form at the ACE Adventurer Membership page.

Join the fun!