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Are You Brave Enough for the Killiecrankie Bungee Jump?

Killiecrankie Bungee Jump

What is the Killiecrankie bridge bungee?

The Killiecrankie bungee is the first purpose-built, permanent bridge bungee in the UK. Opened in 2011, it launches from a bungee platform under the River Garry Bridge in Perthshire, Scotland. The state-of-the-art bungee pod cost £200,000 and uses the latest technology and safety equipment. Known as the Highland Fling, the company also introduced Europe’s first night time jumps and has launched a second urban bungee in Glasgow.

Take in spectacular views of the forest scenery as you plunge 40 metres towards the River Garry in an exhilarating few seconds of freefall, reaching speeds of over 50 miles per hour. Just before you hit the water, a bungee cord attached to your ankles will spring you back for several large bounces before you’re winched up to the bridge. The jump is led by qualified and experienced bungee jump masters and you can also buy a professional video of your experience.

Where is the Scottish bungee jump?

The Highland bungee lies near Pitlochry in Perthshire, nestled in the beautiful Scottish countryside. The area is most famous for the battle of Killiecrankie, fought between Jacobite forces and the Williamite government, which took place at the Killiecrankie Pass near Blair Castle in 1689. Nearby, you’ll also find Soldier’s Leap, a site named after a Redcoat soldier who reportedly jumped 5.5 metres across the river during the battle.

The River Garry Bridge lies just outside of Killiecrankie, four miles from Pitlochry, in a National Trust Scotland park. Here the river runs through a deep gorge surrounded by lush, ancient forest, demonstrating some of the Highland’s most beautiful scenery. The bungee jump is operated from the visitor centre in Killiecrankie.

Who should try the Killiecrankie bungee jump Scotland?

Do you have a sense of adventure? Are you looking for an adrenaline rush? Then you’ll love the Killiecrankie bungee jump. Since opening, thousands of visitors from all over the world have leapt from the Garry Bridge. Everyone aged 14 and over is welcome, although those aged over 65 require a letter from their doctor. In 2013, Bob Steele, a former serviceman became the oldest bungee jumper in Europe when he took on the Highland Fling at age 90.

In addition, there’s a weight restriction of 145 kg (22.8 stone) for the Killiecrankie jump. To fit the harness, jumpers need to have a waist measurement between 40cm (15.7 inches) and 125cm (49.2 inches). Visitors should wear sensible clothes and footwear and be aware that although the jump is open all year-round, flooding and high winds can affect its running.

Bungee and rafting group adventure weekend

Ace Adventures offers the ultimate adventure weekend package, which features white water rafting, cliff jumping and the Killiecrankie bungee jump. This trip is ideal for groups, including stag and hen parties in Scotland. Enjoy two nights of camping in a cosy bell tent with a wood stove, BBQ and campfire, as well as a gin or whisky tasting session at Logie Steading.

Head to the nearby River Findhorn for an exciting day of white water rafting, where you’ll work together as a team to tackle grade three and four rapids. There’s also a chance to test your nerve and warm up for the bungee with some cliff jumps into the river from up to eight metres high. The highlight of the weekend is taking on the Killiecrankie bungee jump.

Find out more about booking the bungee and rafting group adventure weekend here.

This trip is perfect if you’re exploring the Highlands on a road trip, doing a loop of the Cairngorms or coming from the central belt of Scotland. Groups will also receive a free keg of Speyside brewery beer or case of wine of their choice.