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7 Adventurous Xmas Gift Ideas!

a tent in the middle of a forest

Are you struggling to find the right gift for your loved ones who love adventure and being outdoors or a partner who secretly hates those fluffy socks you buy them every year, then it’s time to spice it up! Well, don’t worry over here at ACE Adventures we have you covered. We have put together 7 of our best experiences just for you to make this stressful time of year as easy as it should be and we have something for everyone, even you! So sit back with a cup of christmas cocoa, relax, the search for those perfect christmas gifts is over.

The Adventurous one……

We have a couple of ideas for these little dare devil’s to help them burn off some energy and explore the beautiful, remote wilderness that we have right here in Morayshire, Scotland.

  1. Full Day White water Rafting with cliff jumping – over the course of the day we would raft down a section of one of Scotland’s longest rivers – Findhorn, carving our way through the immense quartz rock formations and beautiful scots pine forest. Not to mention the adrenaline pumping rollercoaster ride of all the rapids as we thunder through and beyond the gorge at Randolph’s Leap. We will even stop half way down to take it all in and have a snack!

a man in a raft on the water

2. Canyoning – some may be wondering what this is? In fact, is an adventure sport which is gaining in popularity around the world over the past few years but has been around for quite some time, actually since the late 1800’s and thanks to a French scientist named Edouard Alfred Martel in order for him to study limestone across France… anyway enough of the history.

Canyoning is basically making a decent of a gorge by any means possible, not to be confused with gorge walking although the two have similarities. In Canyoning we abseil off a waterfall, jump into deep pools, slide down big rock slabs and do all sorts of other adventurous things on the way down, It’s like ‘gorge walking’ older cooler brother!

a person riding a snow board

Something for the kids……

We understand the first couple of ideas may not be suitable if you have young kids so we have taken the full on adrenaline experience and toned it down a little so its something which is super safe, fun and sure to put a big smile on your little monsters faces.

3. Family white water rafting – will still take place on the iconic Findhorn river expect we will paddle down a slightly different section which still has more than enough splashes for the kids and incredible scenery for you folks to enjoy. This is also only for a half day so our plan is to tire them out so you can sit back and enjoy a nice glass of wine in the evening. But on a serious note this is a great gift as it still gives you plenty of time left in the afternoon to explore the local area – the gift that keeps on giving.

a group of people wearing costumes

4. River Tubing and cliff jumping – this one is a lot of laughs. It’s like a lazy and crazy river ride with lots of thrills. You sit in a big rubber ring and let the river do all the work floating you along until you get to the rapids! We will give you the option to throw yourself off a cliff into the water if you are up for it! This really is great fun and super safe as like all the activities you will be under the supervision of our expert river guides.

a raft on the water

Your other half……

Stuck getting the same old perfume or woolly christmas jumper for your partner! Then how about a treat for you both?

5. Romantic stay in one of our lovely secluded Shepherd hut’s, these little gems are tucked away at the back of the ACE Adventures base and are surrounded by beautiful woodlands, so you won’t see or hear anyone if you don’t want to. These little huts have everything you need for a cosy and romantic evening with a big comfortable bed and wood burning stove, there is even a gas hob if you want to make a nice meal or cup of cocoa. During the day you can take walks through the serene forest which is all around, listen to the birds sing and if you are lucky, you might see the white bum of deer bounding around. You could always come out with us for an adventurous activity if that’s the kind of couple you are too!

a bedroom with a bed and desk in a room


What about a present for the whole family, getting out and exploring the great outdoors together.

6. Motorhome Adventure – Have you ever thought about seeing more of this stunning country from the rugged beauty of the Isle of Skye to the turquoise waters and white sands of Langamull beach? Well now you can and take the whole family along to experience it in luxury and comfort with our 6 berth motorhome! Why not give them a road trip to remember and where better than 2019’s voted ‘Most beautiful country in the world’ Scotland!

a white bus parked in front of a mountain


Still wondering what to get a bunch of mates? We have something for the lot of them.

7. Paintball – why not get something for all of them together. What could be better than running around the woods, hiding behind trees, jumping for cover behind tyre barricades and trying to shoot each other! Pretend you are in a real life game of ‘Call of Duty’. With multiple game types, there is plenty to keep everyone entertained for a couple of hours of battle. Cheaper than a bottle of whisky and gets all your mates together, you will be the real hero of the day!

a person wearing a costume

Bonus Ideas……

Well that’s our 7 best ideas for Christmas gifts but how about a couple of stocking fillers too!

ACE disc golf (frisbee golf) – onsite we have an amazing 21 hole disc golf course in the woods (which the staff regularly have competitive games). So why not book a round and come for a bit of fun wandering through the woods throwing discs which is also dog friendly. You will be armed with a scorecard/map, pencil and an ACE Adventures branded disc which you get to keep so this could also be a great gift for your furry four legged friends christmas too!

a brown and black dog playing with a frisbee in the snow

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year from the team at ACE!

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