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Ross Mackay

Rafting Guide

Ross is one of our experienced rafting guides. He’s originally from Essex and has been working for us for quite a long time now and helps out whenever he can.

The Fun Stuff

Ross is a very chilled guy and loves to be on the river. If he’s not rafting he’s most likely to turn up some tunes at a bar. Ross has also been travelling around Australia and Tasmania for some time with his girlfriend where they also met Jordie, our 2019 head guide. They had a really good time down in Tassie and are happy to catch up here in Scotland.

The Passion

Apart from rafting, Ross is into music. As a passionate DJ, he helped to establish the MilkIt club nights in Inverness “it’s really cool, every month we play at a different pub and throw some gatherings for like minded people to embrace their passion about music and art.”

Why ACE Trusts Ross

He’s a really relaxed guy and always keeps his cool. You can have a good laugh with him and he just generally brightens up your day with his carefree and friendly personality. Ross is a practiced rafting guide and the moment you meet him, you’ll feel at ease.

Thoughtful about

Ross doesn’t take life too seriously. He’s always up for some shenanigans and is just taking it easy.