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Matt Starrett

2018 Head Guide

2018 sees Matt join the team for his second season with ACE and taking up the role as head guide. Having just spent some time working at a school residential outdoor centre in Barrington NSW, Australia near his home town and before that running a few rafting trips on The Franklin River in Tasmania including the Christmas New Year trip with Jim.

Quiet in nature with a classic Australian country town dry sense of humor Matt is a reliable and competent guide that delivers excellent safe adventure activities.

The Fun Stuff

If you asked Matt why he does his what he does for a living, the answer is simple, because it is really FUN! and he lives for a living. Being an adventurous character Matt will give most things a go and likes to move onto the next life experience. He has two criteria that need to be met if you want to pin him down for any period of time;

The River comes first, Matt’s favourite adventure activity is white water rafting and kayaking and you need a good river for that. The Findhorn fits the bill perfectly because of how exciting it can be to raft and the versatility it offers as it can change from day to day depending on the water level.

The second criteria is the landscape in which he works. Scotland is such a beautiful part of the world with incredible scenery and open space. One of the best ways to enjoy the landscape is to journey by river which is why white water rafting is an ideal way to see the many hidden sights that can only be seen from the river.

The Passion

Guests often ask Matt what he does on a day off. Even on days he is working it is a common sight to see Matt with his river gear back on and heading out to make another evening run rafting or kayaking. Matt is particularly passionate about kayaking enjoying the personal challenge that kayaking offers. Even when it gets a bit scary the feeling you get as you race down through a rapid always makes the challenge worthwhile.

Matt enjoys getting to know his clients as they face whatever adventure the day brings. “It’s great to get a good connection with your clients. This way you feel like you are experiencing it for the first time and feel the excitement as they do”.

franklin river tasmania coruscades
matt canyoning

Why ACE Trusts Matt

Matt has been working in the Outdoor industry since he was sixteen after he left school from the quiet country town of Gloucester in New South Wales, Australia. Throughout this time he has gained a considerable number of qualifications and experience. Starting out as an Kayak guide, he is now also qualified at white water rafting, canoeing, canyoning, sea kayaking, mountain biking and bushwalking.

One of the most memorable memories was the six months he spent in Tasmania doing an intensive course in outdoor recreation. Matt and fellow students were put in many a sticky situation throughout the course. Overnight trips down the river, navigating in the snow and emergency scenario training moving patients in difficult terrain. One of the wilderness first aid courses he did went for seven days straight with long senarions going through the night.

Thoughtful About

With a great work ethic and attitude to life fuelled by Matt’s motto “life is short so make the most of it” he certainly does what he can to live up to it.

Matt’s number one value is family, even though he moved halfway around the world from them. He still feels like he has a great connection with them any wouldn’t trade them for anything. (except maybe a new kayak….)