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Madlen Lohr

Aviemore Office Manager

Madlen is the helping hand at ACE. You’ll often find her at our office in Aviemore advising guests about our activities and accommodations.

The Fun Stuff

Madlen’s originally from Germany and having just finished her studies in tourism, she decided to leave her home country for a while and came working for ACE in Scotland. Even though she loves her home, she’s always up for an adventure “When I finished high school I decided to work a year in the USA as an Au Pair. I like travelling and staying in a different country for a while to really get to know the country and the people. So far I only met wonderful people so I don’t regret anything.”

Later when she moved back home, she started her studies in tourism “I got to travel a lot during that time. I’ve been to a lot of European countries but also got to go to Canada which was pretty awesome.”

The Passion

Madlen always finds good in every situation and has a positive attitude towards life. Growing up near the beautiful Saxon Switzerland National Park with lots of woodland and rocky canyon landscape, she’s always up for a walk or hike through the forest. Having met Tracey’s dog Winston she instantly fell in love “To be honest, the best part of working at ACE apart from the rafting is the beautiful countryside. I always look forward to the evening walks with Tracey and Winston. It’s just really relaxing.”

madlen posing with thumbs up
maddie in scotland

Why ACE Trusts Madlen

Madlen got to gain quite a lot of experience in customer service during her studies so you’ll find her to be always friendly and giving you a warm welcome. Outside of work, you could describe her personality with these attributes as well. She’s a really laid-back and patient person so we’re glad to have her here at ACE!

Thoughtful about

“When you really think about it, life is just too short. Try to travel as much as you can and get to know this beautiful world we live in – the memories and experiences you make while travelling are far more worth than anything money could buy.”