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Jordie Rieniets

2019 Head Guide

Jordie is our new guide coming over from Australia for this year’s season. He’s a really relaxed person and gained a lot of experience on the river so we’re happy to have him here as our 2019 head guide!

The Fun Stuff

Jordie loves being outside and all things water sports. Back home in Australia he worked as a bushwalking guide in Alice Springs during winter and as a raft guide during summer on the Franklin River in Tasmania. “I did some 11 day trips along the river, which was really cool. You just grab your essentials, put them on your raft and off you go. At night you make camp just somewhere, light a fire and enjoy some beers with good people. It’s a really nice experience.”

The Passion

Jordie just bought 100 acres of land back home and built his own house with the help of some of his friends. “It was really cool and it took us only a couple of weeks. We chopped down some trees and I got a lot of stuff from my neighbors and friends.” He also lived in a teepee for 1 ½ years before that so that was a really “back to the roots” sort of experience.

Why ACE Trusts Jordie

He’s a nice guy and really open and friendly. He took outdoor education classes at University and even taught some of that to high school kids for a couple of years. So for his age he’s really experienced and already did a lot of things that help him empathize with people, especially customers that are quite wary and anxious. He’s also a great laugh and puts a smile on your face even if he sometimes might be bugged by the rainy Scottish weather we have most of the days.

Thoughtful about

“My favourite quote is probably ‘keep on keeping on’. I’m also a firm believer in Karma so whatever happens, happens. Just try to live your life to the fullest.”