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Johnny Peisker

2019 Guide

Meet the newest addition to our team: Johnny Peisker – originally from Tasmania (see a pattern here?!) but came over from Finland just a few weeks ago where he worked as a teacher.

The Fun Stuff

Like any true Tasmanian, Johnny enjoys nature so no wonder he did his studies in Outdoor Education and has since been working as a teacher. He enjoys playing the bagpipes and is pretty good at playing it as well. So Scotland is the perfect place to put his skills to the test, which means chances that you hear him playing the bagpipes when coming on a trip are pretty high.

The Passion

Johnny is a really kind and family oriented person. He’s always up for anything and helps putting several staff missions into effect. Teambuilding, mate! “I also have a rock climbing permit which helped me lots during canyoning. Now it’s time for me to focus more on rafting and kayaking to get my game on in that area.”

Why ACE Trusts Johnny

Johnny has a great view of the world and already envisions his next project: “If I’ll ever be a principle at a school, I’d love to get all the kids out for a week-long adventure before every new school year starts. I think it’s a great team/classroom building experience and also gives the teachers so much insight which then again makes it easier to accommodate the needs of all kids in class.”

Thoughtful about

Johnny lives his life by the “do good and good will come to you” mantra.