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Douglas Philpot

Activity/Raft Guide

Douglas is now a familiar face at ACE, working as one of the Activity Guides.

The Fun Stuff

Dougie loves many outdoor pursuits and can be found riding and getting loose on the local mountain bike trails.

He has the ambition to build a trail centre here at ACE using his prior skills from Hazeltop Trails!

In the winter, Dougie plans to chase the fresh powder slopes after a quick snack on ketchup pizza!

The Passion

Dougie has a passion for rafting and loves spending every spare minute outside, even tinkering and working on project cars in his own time, on a mission to go fast.

‘I have always enjoyed taking apart older cars and learning about the mechanics. It’s great because I am able to apply these same mechanical advantages to my rafting every day on the river.’

Why ACE Trusts Douglas

Dougie enjoys spending the summer on the river Findhorn and will be able to amaze you with a vast amount of knowledge about the river – dating back to the 14th century!

Dougie is always busy around the site; whether it is chopping firewood or fixing a tap, Dougie has your back!

Thoughtful about

‘I want the river to be enjoyed by others for many years to come, so I follow the leave no trace principle and ensure the river is left in a better condition than when I found it. It’s DAM GOOD to experience one of the last commercially guided natural rivers in the UK, so I try my very best to give clients a great experience!’

Strap Line: ‘Not all who wander are lost’