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Aoife Williams

Activity/Raft Guide

Aoife is originally from the Midlands but spends most of her time travelling the world.

The Fun Stuff

Aoife is an energetic outdoor instructor and enthusiast who lives to experience life to the full! She spends her time following the seasons around the world. She says; ‘I love the physical and mental challenge rafting offers. It has so many positive benefits to health and well-being. I thrive on exploring the outdoor world and facilitating that enjoyment in others.

The Passion

Aoife has always had a passion for sports and the outdoors, spending long days with friends and camping under the stars is just the dream. ‘I can’t imagine having an office job, I am where I want to be – all I need now is a van.’

Why ACE Trusts Aoife

Aoife is keen and easy-going, and she enjoys taking people on a river day, and doing what she loves.

‘From my own experience, spending time outside has amazing impacts on emotional and physical health’, she says. In the summer she worked along the coast in Cornwall; ‘It was great to see how much the children became more confident with their own abilities in the sea and their engagement with the rest of the group became way more relaxed.’

Thoughtful about

It’s more important, now than ever before, to engage people in the environment and start caring for our world, Aoife says. Our planet is amazing and beautiful and we need to start appreciating it. What better way to do that than spending every day showing others what it has to offer!