River Tube & Cliff Jumping

River Tube & Cliff Jumping




April to October


1:30pm - 4:30pm

Half Day of River Tube & Cliff Jumping on the River Findhorn, Scotland

Use inflatable River Tubes, a bit like smurf doughnuts, to float down rapids, go over and swim under Waterfalls with Cliff Jumping in deep pools

River Tubing is a truly comical activity that offers an opportunity to adapt the experience to each individuals comfort zone.

Armed with a River Tube that resembles a large tyre inner tube, cladded in a quality thick neoprene wet suit the dark mysterious waters of Randolph's Leap await.

Testing balance and control floating down the white water rapids admiring stunning scenery passing by one of Britain's tallest tree's then jumping from wonderfully sculptured gorge walls. Carry on to negotiate the Cauldron, Tube over a drop of 1.5 metres then swim over and behind a waterfall into a spa


  • Cliff Jumping
  • Stunning scenery
  • Excellent safety record
  • Professional Photographs taken during trip
  • Heated change rooms, no roadside changing in the rain
  • International Rafting Federation Trained and Qualified Guides

Please Note

Minimum advised age is 7 years.
No previous experience is required and non-swimmers are more than welcome.

What is Included

  • Safety equipment
  • Warm clean wet suit so you don't get cold
  • Transport from the Activity Center to and from Activities
  • Purpose Built Activity Base with reception and ample parking
  • Friendly Booking Staff who can assist in your visit to the area from accommodation to transport

What You Need to Bring

  • Towel
  • Swim suit or bathers
  • Footwear such as old trainers that will get wet and are suitable for walking on uneven ground.
Note: We supply wet-suit booties for £2.00 a pair which helps fund the Findhorn, Nairn and Lossie Fisheries Trust


The ACE river tubing experience is ideal in low water conditions making it a perfect summertime half day adventure activity. In the event the river has higher flows we either do a different section or change over to a more suitable activity for the conditions.

A typical day is usually; After arrival at the ACE base where we have heated change rooms, toilet facilities and comfortable reception you will be welcomed by one of the team. Once signed in we provide an update of what is in store for the day before issuing your equipment. Valuables can be locked in your vehicles or left with us in a secure box where we keep your car keys.

It usually takes about 30 minutes to get changed and hop on the bus where we take you to the activity starting point. The trip leader will provide a safety brief and instruction before beginning the experience.

Everyone walks to the what has been claimed as the tallest tree in the UK where you make your into the river and float down the first rapid above Randolph’s Leap. In the pool above the gap further instruction on how to control the tube including standing up on it and getting back on after falling off.

The gap is then floated through. This is the exact location where Alistair Bane and his three companions jumped across in retreat from the Battle of Whitemire. Everyone climbs out on the right where a series of cliff jumps can be done working your way up to the podium at 24 feet on the opposite bank for those with a head for heights.

Depending on water flow you then either negotiate the very next rapid or jump into the cauldron to queue up above a 1.5 metre waterfall which you plunge over on your tube!

Once everyone has done that and the bragging rights dimmed down by those that successfully negotiated the drop without capsizing we gather at a natural weir. Here you get to swim over the drop into a natural washing machine. Those brave enough can attempt to swim behind the waterfall curtain.

The trip finishes by chaining up into a long snake and continuing down the river to just above the confluence of the River Divie.

A short walk back to the roadside where the bus takes you back to the ACE base where you can reunite your dry clothes and see the photos of the day on the widescreen tv in the reception where snacks and refreshments are available.

Randolph's Leap is a popular scenic river walk and visitor attraction just off the Northern end of the B9007 road around 8 miles south of the town Forres in Moray. Popular predominantly due to its outstanding beauty which is poetically documented in the rare book "The Findhorn" by Thomas Henderson in 1932.

Quoted by Charles St John renown for sketching wild and historical references of the the Highlands in the early 1800's "Surely there is no other river in the world so beautiful." Perhaps arguable the surrounding area of Randolph's leap is the jewel in the crown that is the River Findhorn and another of Morays best kept secrets.

Mature and ancient forest of Alder, Ash, Beech, Caledonia Pine, Fir and Oak to name a few fringe a dramatic gorge featuring abstract sculptures of variegated grey gneiss and pink granite.