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Family White Water Rafting

Family White Water Rafting




Daily. All year round


9:45am to approx. 1pm

Half Day White Water Rafting on the River Findhorn in Scotland, ideal for families

Up to Grade 3 White Water Rafting ideal for young Families or as an introduction to Whitewater Rafting

White water rafting experience for young families, school groups, first timers or those who enjoy a scenic journey down a river with a splash of adventure!

Known as the “Middle Findhorn” with stunning Scottish Highland landscape, abundant wildlife, peaceful stretches interspersed by rapids with names such as; Sleeping Whale, Dragon’s Tooth and Carnage Corner. Best condition early to mid Spring and after recent rainfall.

ACE is the only rafting operator based at the River Findhorn.
Tip: Commonly sold by competitors as a full day trip because they include the travel time from Aviemore


  • Based at the River
  • Up to grade 3 rapids
  • Excellent safety record
  • Professional Photographs taken during trip
  • Heated change rooms, no roadside changing in the rain
  • International Rafting Federation Trained and Qualified Guides

Please Note

Minimum age is 5 years.
No previous river experience is required and non-swimmers are more than welcome.
Groups with mixed levels of adventure can take a canoe or kayak on this trip to spice it up!

What is Included

  • Safety equipment
  • Warm clean wet suit so you don't get cold
  • Transport from the Activity Center to and from Activities
  • Purpose Built Activity Base with reception and ample parking
  • Friendly Booking Staff who can assist in your visit to the area from accommodation to transport

What You Need to Bring

  • Towel
  • Swim suit or bathers
  • Footwear such as old trainers that will get wet and are suitable for walking on uneven ground.
Note: We supply wet-suit booties for £2.00 a pair which helps fund the Findhorn, Nairn and Lossie Fisheries Trust


The River Findhorn source in the Monadhliath Mountains at 2800 feet is located to the south of Inverness and Loch Ness. It heads in an East North Easterly direction finally making its way to the Moray Firth after its 62 mile journey.

The section rafted on this trip is known as the "Middle Findhorn" starts near the quiet village of Ferness at Logie Bridge and finishes at Daltullich Bridge near Relugas Village.

You can expect good water levels in early to mid spring. Saying that we often get excellent water levels throughout the wonderful wet scottish summers.

A typical day is usually; After arrival at the ACE base where we have heated change rooms, toilet facilities and comfortable reception you will be welcomed by one of the team. Once signed in we provide an update of what is in store for the day before issuing your equipment. Valuables can be locked in your vehicles or left with us in a secure box we keep the car keys.

It usually takes about 30 minutes to get changed and hop on the bus where we take you to the activity starting point. The trip leader will provide a safety brief and instruction before beginning the experience.

Once on the water some time is spent making sure you are familiar with your boats and practice turning them and control before heading off to tackle the first rapid. It is not uncommon to see some capsizing.

After the short sharp introduction there are long sections of calmer water and mild rapids to improve on technique. Having practiced negotiating Magnetic Rock and The Elephants Bum passing by the picturesque Colmony House the Dragons tooth awaits. The tooth guards a swift channel of water with some exciting waves to negotiate.

Passing through some gneiss gorge walls and another calm stretch before the final crux rapid at Daltullich Bridge we call Carnage Corner. It sounds more ominous than it is but is certainly going to keep you on your toes with either a corkscrewing channel of water in low flows or big fluffy wave in high flows.

Once at the bridge a short walk up to the roadside where the bus takes you back to the ACE base where you can reunite your dry clothes and see the photos of the day on the widescreen tv in the reception where snacks and refreshments are available.

ACE is mindful of other river users and work in conjunction with anglers who are enjoying the river for its serenity and the excitement of hooking some of the massive Salmon that we often see remains of from the local otter population.

This river has been described as The River of Beauty. It has a real wilderness feel about it while still being close to the coast and civilisation. It is a pristine experience that we are privileged to share with you.

The Findhorn carves its way through incredible rock formations of Gneiss and Granite strata, deep gorges lined with ancient forests of pines, birch, ash and oaks. The water steeped in tannin from peat on the highland heather moors resembles a dark ale as it cascades on its journey chuckling over shingle beds, boulders and bedrock to a salty Findhorn Bay.

The Findhorn is one of Scotland’s last wild rivers and as a consequence rainfall or snow melt determines which sections can be run. This section is best in medium to high flows which of course cannot be predicted ahead of more than a couple of days time at best. If on the day water levels are too low to navigate the section we will either upgrade to the full day trip which always runs or place you on another activity better suited to low water levels such as River Tubes.