2 Day Overnight Bushcraft Course

2 Day Overnight Bushcraft Course




July - August - October


2 days one night



2 Day Overnight Bushcraft Course

2 day overnight Bushcraft Course - Fire Skills - Shelter Building - Wildlife Tracking & more!

Enrich your experience of the great outdoors!

On this two-day residential bushcraft course you will learn some essential wilderness skills that can help you survive and thrive in the woods. You will also get to know some of the fantastic wildlife of Moray!

Course Content: Fire Skills - Campfire Cooking - Shelter Building - Natural Cordage - Tool Use - Wild Food Foraging - Wildlife Tracking


  • Incredible Value Bushcraft Experience
  • Traditional Scottish Bread (Bannocks)
  • Authentic woodland experience
  • Shower and Toilet Facilities
  • Nutritious Food

Please Note

Minimum recommended age 7 years

What is Included

  • All equipment required to do the course
  • Evening meal and breakfast

What You Need to Bring

  • Waterproof coat
  • Waterproof over over pants
  • Warm clothing such as fleece jacket
  • Thermal base layer
  • Sleeping Mat
  • Sleeping Bag (can hire from ACE £10.00)
  • Tent (in case your shelter leaks!)


Course content:
Fire skills
Learn to light fires in all weather, with or without matches. Bow drill, flint and steel and more. ‘Leave-no-trace’ practice – enjoying and looking after wild places.

  • Selecting suitable fire sites
  • Gathering tinder, kindling and wood from the wild
  • All weather fire lighting
  • Safeguarding yourself and the countryside
  • The ‘one match fire’
  • Matchless fire lighting: fire strikers, flint and steel, fire by friction solar methods and more.

Campfire cooking
Ideas for camp meals, along with tricks and tips for organising your fire for different purposes.
  • Easy campfire bread recipes
  • Campfire kebabs
  • Eggs with a difference
  • Other simple and tasty sweet and savoury recipe ideas
  • Fire layouts for roasting, baking, frying etc
  • Campfire food hygiene

Shelter building
Build an emergency survival shelter using just what we find in the woods. Learn how to put up a tarp along with some useful knots.
  • The survival shelter: build a home from materials in the woods
  • Mini-shelters; have fun designing miniature prototype shelters!
  • Improvised shelters
  • Tarp shelters – a tent with a view!
  • Some multipurpose knots that everyone needs to know

Natural cordage
Making string and rope from natural materials.
  • Discover ancient methods for making string
  • String and rope from nettles, tree bark and more
  • Putting your string to the strength test!

Tool use
Learn the fundamentals of safe knife and saw use.
  • Tool safety
  • Basic whittling techniques
  • Complete an easy craft project
  • Making feather sticks for fire lighting

Wild food foraging
Safe and sustainable wild food foraging. Learn to identify plants and trees, and easy ways to get food and teas in the wild.
  • Foraging safety
  • Botany 101 – top tips for plant and tree ID
  • Learn a range of plant uses including leaves, roots and berries (depending on season) that can be safely eaten
  • Easy to make, vitamin-rich, wild teas
  • Foraging and conservation – making sure we keep it sustainable

Wildlife tracking
Discover the fascinating world of animal tracks and signs. Learn bird calls, observation and stealth skills to help you see more wildlife. No walk in the woods will ever be the same!
  • Learn commonly found wildlife signs
  • Footprints
  • Feedings signs
  • Skulls and feathers
  • Burrows and dens
  • Camouflage and stealth games
  • Identifying bird calls