River Tubing & Cliff Jumping in Scotland, UK

ACE has the best River Tubing and Cliff Jumping in Scotland and we are pretty confident the UK right here in sunny Moray on the River Findhorn.

What makes the best River Tubing and Cliff Jumping?

It all comes down to the right location, competent enthusiastic guide to keep you safe and commitment to great customer service to deliver the best river tubing and cliff jumping.

ACE were the first to take two awesome adventure activities; River Tubing and Cliff Jumping and combine them into a fun, exciting and challenging half day activity.

A number of different height cliff jumps from short ones suited to a young family or school adventure to high cliff jumps that will make a knee quivering stag or CEO have his colleagues cheering in mirth.

The stunning location of Randolph's leap is ideal for river tubing and cliff jumping with fun rapids to float down and short waterfalls to plummet over in your river tube.

What is River Tubing and Cliff Jumping?

Firstly and most importantly river tubing and cliff jumping is a lot of fun. It verges on silly and you will find yourself swinging from grinning like a madman on the river tube to testing your resolve during the cliff jumping or when swimming under the waterfall.

River tubing is where you get a large inflatable ring especially designed for white water and float down a river. There are river floats on flat water which are relaxing but river tubes come into their own in rapids as you bounce on down the river.

Cliff jumping is sometimes called tombstoning or coasteering in the UK. You find a cliff with deep water below and jump in. The cliff jumping at ACE is extra thrilling because the stunning River Findhorn has dark tannin stained water. All kept safe with competent trained guides and know the safest places to jump as well as making sure you are wearing the essential safety equipment of a buoyancy aid.

Why Choose Us?

River Tube & Cliff Jumping

Auchnagairn, Moray

Use inflatable River Tubes, a bit like smurf doughnuts, to float down rapids, go over and swim under Waterfalls with Cliff Jumping in deep pools

River Tubing is a truly comical activity that offers an opportunity to adapt the experience to each individuals comfort zone. Armed with a River Tube that resembles a large tyre inner tube, cladded in a quality thick neoprene wet suit the dark mysterious waters of Randolph's Lea...

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