White Water Rafting is a fun-filled activity that is suitable for all the family. With varying levels of difficulty - from meandering sections to hair-raising rapids - rafting is suitable for almost anyone. Why not choose rafting with ACE for your next family adventure and create some special memories?

Enjoy a family white water rafting adventure with ACE!

Where to go Rafting in Scotland

The majority of our rafting trips here at ACE Adventures take place on the River Findhorn in the northeast of Scotland, one of the best places to go whitewater rafting in the UK!

When to go Rafting in Scotland

The River Findhorn is the only place in the UK where you will find a rafting trip above Grade 3 that runs all year round! On a good day, the River Findhorn offers the best white water rafting in Scotland, and some of the best in the UK.

Ideal conditions occur on the River Findhorn between spring and autumn, however, the rafting is good at any time of the year! To discuss suitable dates or to enquire about conditions on the River Findhorn, get in touch with one of our International Rafting Federation (IRF) qualified guides.

Our IRF qualified guides will ensure your safety and ensure you have an unforgettable experience!

A Family Outdoor Adventure

Occasionally it takes something that is more stimulating than the TV or more exhilarating than their video games to get the kids outside. Our Family White Water Rafting is the perfect opportunity to spend some time in the great outdoors with the family.

Traversing untamed waterways surrounded by picturesque landscapes, you’ll see the Scottish countryside from a totally different perspective.

Rafting involves working as a team in order to navigate sharp turns, manoeuvre past those pesky overhanging branches and occasionally ride out some exhilarating rapids. It is an energetic and fun adventure for all the family.

Why go Rafting in Scotland?

Go rafting in Scotland to take advantage of some of the finest rafting locations in the whole of the UK that are comparable to anywhere else in Europe. In fact, our year-round high-quality rivers are one of the major benefits of the infamous rainy Scottish weather!

Although rafting will always involve getting wet, there are many factors that influence a rafting experience, from water levels to weather conditions, meaning no two trips are the same. For more information on how conditions can affect your rafting experience, read our blog: “White Water Rafting from Aviemore, Scotland: River Findhorn and the River Spey; Which is Best?”

Enjoy the rapids of the River Findhorn, the best white water rafting in Scotland!

Rafting with Ace Adventures

Our IRF qualified guides all have substantial experience rafting in Scotland, so rest assured you’ll be in safe hands.

On top of that, we provide all the necessary protective equipment and gear. From high-quality wetsuits to wetsuit boots and gloves. All you need is a sense of adventure!

Graded by difficulty, different stretches of water are suitable for different groups – of course, we’re always happy to advise you about the kinds of challenges and obstacles to expect in each location.

So, whether you’re curious first-timers looking for adventure or a family of rafting enthusiasts, book your Family White Water Rafting trip today, or contact us to find out more!

Ace Adventures look forward to welcoming you to Morayshire and the River Findhorn!

ACE Adventure was the first Visit Scotland Quality Assurance 5 star activity provider and is committed to deliver exceptional customer service, with 5 star rated reviews on both tripadvisor and facebook. We lead the industry in providing the best value white water rafting trips with fully qualified International Rafting Federation trip leaders and friendly guides.