Outdoor Activities Scotland: Yoga Retreat for young people

Counting down the days to your Summer Holiday? I know the feeling, I used to do the same thing. That well deserved rest after a year of hard work, never ending homework, exams and of course, the odd classroom drama. Why not take the opportunity to really chill out, gain some fresh perspective and inject some fun into the start of your Summer break at our yoga retreat in Aviemore?!

An outdoor adventure experience: Yoga for all abilities

Whether you’re a keen yogi, or a complete beginner looking to try something different, everyone is welcome and the days will be structured to ensure everyone gets as much out of the experience as possible. I’d say it was the perfect outdoor adventure experience to destress and kick back.

I’ve had such a great time and I’ve enjoyed the retreat so much more than I imagined. I feel connected with everyone in the group, I feel I have been able to be myself and I’ve tried new things and challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone. The whole trip had such a great vibe during and outside of yoga, I’m so thankful for all of the thoughts and time put and making this trip happen, I’m so happy I came. Lily, Aged 15

Located near the River Findhorn in Aviemore

The yoga retreat is located at Ace Hideaways, tucked up in the Scottish Highlands and sure to distance you from the pressures and stresses of school. Our glamorous camping site is sheltered by beautiful ancient woodland, adding to the peaceful atmosphere, and you might even see red squirrels running up and down the trees!

If you’re looking for fun things to do outside, the River Findhorn is close by, with the lower gorge home to abundant wildlife and stunning waterfalls. You can really connect with nature here, or take to the rapids for some white water rafting - more on that later!

Glamping at one of the best campsites in Scotland!

The accommodation is amazing, too! You’ll stay in bell tents, also known as teepees, which have wood-burners inside to keep you warm at night and comfy mattresses to make sure you get a good night’s sleep - except you’re not having to wake up for school the next day!

This isn’t camping, this is glamping, and one of the best campsites in Scotland! So you’ll have comfortable flushing toilets - no holes in the ground, don’t worry! - and warm showers. After a day of chilling out practicing yoga it’ll be the perfect place to sleep after your outdoor yoga adventure.

Loved the venue as well as the bell tents. Marion, Aged 20

Take part in outdoor activities like white water rafting!

During the day you’ll have time and space to relax, socialise - or have some time to yourself if you wish - and practice yoga with the group. Why not spend some time by the river? Or visit the nearby beach? You’ll also have delicious food to eat.

You can also take part in one of our incredible outdoor adventure activities like white water rafting - and you can even do some cliff jumping if you have a head for heights!

At night, you’ll be able to socialise, dance and listen to music around the campfires, as well as take part in some glow in the dark yoga amongst the trees!

Click here and come along, adventure outdoors, try something different, make new friends, but most importantly, relax, destress and have fun!

It was amazing getting to know everyone. I feel so inspired by the people I have met. I loved the yoga and rafting, and I think it’s a really good combination. The rafting/ cliff jumping helped me to build up my confidence and team building skills. Thank you – I am so glad I came.” Grace, Aged 17