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Sam Hewitt

Operations Manager

Sam is the enabler at Ace, working closely with the guides on and off of the river and ensuring everyone’s safety whilst at Ace.

The Fun stuff

No two days are the same at ACE, different river levels and weather makes for a different challenge every day and that is what makes working at ACE fun. Having worked in many different environments around the world working at ACE gives me the ability to expand on the knowledge I already have and learn new skill sets as well. Canyoning is my favourite activity here at ACE. Just hanging over the waterfall is awesome, not many offices can compete with that.

The Passion

Sam has worked outside his whole adult life having spent many years in the military, he finds his passion lies in pushing himself to his physical limits and has always been a keen hiker and climber going for a hike and finding a rock face or boulder in the middle of nowhere and climbing it is what makes Sam get out of bed on his rare days off “Hiking off the beaten track is great fun not meeting a sole and just taking in the views many won’t venture to find is incredible, just like climbing gives me the freedom to push my body to its physical limit, your mind is clear and only assessing the route up and the fear factor of falling is always a buzz”. When he isn’t climbing he is walking his dogs as his other passion is retiring ex-military working dogs and giving them an awesome retirement home.

a man standing in front of a large rock

Why Ace trusts Sam

Sam is always seen to be calm and collective and may even crack a smile, with years of experience in sometimes high-stress situations in an array of different disciplines he confidently controls the team. Integrity is a big part of Sam’s ethos and owning up to mistakes makes for better understanding and learning and encourages everyone to do the same.

Thoughtful about

The world we live in is ours to care for. Being a keen outdoor enthusiast means I have an interest in the environment and caring for it or all I love will slowly fade away. Working at Ace means I can discuss this with clients on the activities and show them how awesome the outdoors really is.

Sam’s favourite quote: “Not all those that wander are lost”